Trainer Biography
Growing up with show and field trained Labradors is what began my passion for dogs. The unconditional love and affection they displayed always moved me. My intention when adopting my first shelter dog, Willie, was to enjoy and bond with her in the same way.

I assumed it would be easy to introduce Willie to a new home environment. She soon proved me wrong. She was VERY hyper, jumped on everyone, dug and chewed destructively, showed aggression over toys and furniture, and pulled so hard on the leash that walking her was a struggle. Not understanding her behaviors and knowing she was capable of being a better companion, I called a dog trainer. This helped me to recognize why my efforts were not working and I began developing new ones that would. I was also reconnected with my love of animals and inspired to learn more about communicating with dogs.

Upon completing an extensive, hands on mentorship program, working as a behaviorist at a local shelter and training dogs for a rescue foundation, I am now providing solutions to other dog owners. Helping owners understand how their dogs communicate, establish positive pack leadership skills and apply behavioral modifications is delivering immediate results clients are thrilled with. Developing a mutually rewarding relationship with your dog is easy and achievable and I am here to show you how.

Hope Verbon-Lucas