Behavioral Modifications & Problem Solving
Behavioral Modification includes assessing your dog’s behaviors, helping you understand what causes them, and customizing solutions to resolve negative behaviors. Modifications are based on your desires for your canine companion and the dog’s individual challenges. Your goals are recognized, addressed and proven techniques are applied to teach the dog what is expected of them.
Puppy Developmental Training
Puppies are fragile and require specific attention and interaction. This does not have to be exhausting. Developing beneficial habits and techniques promotes successful potty training and quick adaptation to a new environment. Understanding Critical Developmental Stages and how to properly socialize your puppy will produce a more confident, stable dog.
On-Leash Training
On-Leash training is the foundation of a well-mannered dog. Dogs must be taught what is expected of them through instinctual and motivational communication. On-Leash training addresses proper heeling, loose leash walking and all basic obedience commands: Sit, Sit-Stay, Coming when called, Down, Down-Stay. This training will establish the communication necessary for your dog to associate you as pack leader.
Off-Leash Training
Off-Leash training ensures the control of your dog when off leash. Dogs are masters at reading body language and this training incorporates verbal and hand commands when the dog is not at your side. You will feel confident of your dog’s ability to be obedient regardless of the proximity of your dog. This training will further display your position as pack leader, developing trust and respect.